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Time-tested Thermal Insulation.
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What is FOAMGLAS® ?

FOAMGLAS® is a high performance and long lasting cellular glass insulation material for the entire building envelope. It is a light weight, rigid and durable insulation, composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. FOAMGLAS® offers a unique combination of properties including incombustibility, superior compressive strength and long lasting thermal insulation performance. FOAMGLAS® insulation is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to satisfy various building requirements.


Our next generation FOAMGLAS® T3+ achieves a lambda-value of 0,036 W/(m.K), improving on its predecessor by an impressive 12%. All this without influencing the well-known advantages of FOAMGLAS® : incombustibility, superior  compressive strength and  long lasting thermal insulation performance. A Ground breaking achievement! It took more than 4 years of Research and Development, to produce this breakthrough in the field of cellular glass insulation.

"Lower thicknesses equals lower investment costs."

"I consider the full life cycle of my project."

"My building has to meet the demands of future generations and applications."

Lisa C.

"I secure longterm value for my property."

"I get better value for my money."

"I achieve minimal maintenance costs for my building."

Peter M.

"A better lambda value for the same price."

"I invest in durable and sustainabe materials.'

Karen H.
Building owner

Lower thicknesses are needed, which saves me money."

"Longterm Performance counts, not only the initial investment."

Marc B.

Unique properties

FOAMGLAS® Insulation has a unique combination of properties. Learn all about them!

Time-tested thermal performance

Time-tested thermal insulation performance.

FOAMGLAS® has excellent insulating capabilities. Its hermetically sealed, closed-cell, glass structure has proven its capability to provide long term thermal insulation performance.

Advantage: Continuously achieves high thermal resistance for the lifetime of the building, ensures reliable energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate all year round.



FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it has a truly hermetically sealed, closed cell, glass structure. It is watertight. The close cell structure prevents water absorption, penetration or tracking by capillary action.

Advantage: does not absorb any moisture and does not swell.

Vermin proof

Vermin proof

FOAMGLAS® is inorganic it cannot rot and is pest-proof. 

Advantage:  in all situations, an insulation which keeps design risk to a minimum.

Compressive loads

Compressive loads

FOAMGLAS® supports high compressive loads without deflection or movement. 

Advantage: it is the ideal insulation material for load bearing areas, such as, foundations, floors, walkways, terraces, podium roofs, balconies, vehicle parking, and for supporting M&E equipment.

Fire and fumes

Fire and fumes

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it’s non-toxic and non-combustible.

Advantage: it does not combust, support fire, produce fumes, or present a fire risk in the building structure. Fire behavior: Classification according to EN 13501: A1, non-combustible; classification according to ASTM E 84, smoke development and flame spread - zero.


Vapour control

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it has a truly hermetically sealed, closed cell, glass structure. It is gas and vapour tight.

Advantage: FOAMGLAS®  is vapour tight, providing both an insulation and high performance vapour barrier in one material.

Dimensionally stable

Dimensionally stable

FOAMGLAS® has a low coefficient of thermal movement, in the same range as concrete and steel. 

Advantage: it can be adhesive bonded onto the structure, no mechanical fixings, therefore no thermal bridging.

Acid- and chemical resistant

Acid- and chemical resistant

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass, it is resistant to organic solvents and acids.

Advantage: it can withstand aggressive mediums and demanding environments.

Easy to cut

Easy to cut

FOAMGLAS® consists of pure glass.

Advantage: it is non-toxic, non-hazardous, it does not contaminate the water table; and is easily cut using hand tools.



FOAMGLAS® is manufactured using minimum 60% recycled glass. It has a GWP < 1,5 and ODP = 0. It is free of environmentally damaging flame retardants and gas propellants. 

Advantage: FOAMGLAS® can be recycled or used in landscaping.

Radon barrier

Radon barrier

FOAMGLAS® is gas tight as it has an hermetically sealed closed cell structure. The potential penetration of radon gas is therefore prevented, and this for the lifetime of the building

Advantage: a healthy living environment is guaranteed, without having to install complex ventilation systems.


Thanks to the substantially enhanced insulation capability, FOAMGLAS® T3+ can be applied in a reduced thickness. This innovative insulation material offers unique benefits in all parts of the building envelope.


Wall & Floor Insulation Systems for Below Ground

Wall & Floor Insulation Systems for Below Ground

External Wall & Facade Insulation Systems

External Wall & Facade Insulation Systems

Interior Insulation systems

Interior Insulation Systems

Roof Insulation systems

Roof Insulation Systems


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